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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these social care courses free?

Absolutely! Grey Matter Learning provides all this Social Care Training Course for free as simply a way of giving something back, so you can experience our online learning without committing to one of our unlimited learning packages.

Who can take these free Social Care courses?

This course has been designed specifically for Care and Support Workers working in a social care setting. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about certain topics offered in our free training courses.

How long does these free online Social Care training last?

On average, each of these free Social Care Training courses should take around 30-45 minutes to finish. Find out more here.

How often should you take these Free Social Care Training Courses?

As often as possible. These free training courses are available anytime. You can retake the courses as often as you need to for better retention.

Will I be able to attend this training completely online?

Absolutely! Grey Matter Learning is a social care eLearning technology company, providing a blend of online and face-to-face/webinar training solutions. For our online learning system, we use ‘Click’ for Social Care Online Training. If you’re interested in our Online learning services, you can find out more from this page.

Are your social care training centers still operating face-to-face?

Currently, NO. When the government guidance changes we will review accordingly.

What approvals do these courses have?

Grey Matter Learning is a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence and, as such, has been scrutinised by the Sector Skills Council for the quality of our methods and materials.

Does completing one of your courses mean that I have passed my Care Certificate?

Any training provider that suggests that completing their training means you have completed the Care Certificate should be treated with extreme caution.  ONLY an employer can issue the Care Certificate following the observations of real work duties and why Click has observation recording, evidence adding and conversation-facilitating features for supervision built-in.

How can I get a Care Certificate?

The only way to achieve the Care Certificate is to build an evidence portfolio that demonstrates that you meet the requirements and will need an employer to sign off the outcomes that require an observation.  However, you can complete the knowledge elements separately.

Is the Care Certificate free?

Many of our Local Authority customers fund access to Click so that providers in their area can access it free of charge.

How much does the Care Certificate cost?

Our pricing starts from just £1 per learner per month, which includes not just the Care Certificate but all of our 50+ courses.  It is important to note here that, once you have “achieved” the Care Certificate, you can take it with you, if you keep the evidence up to date or “current”.

How can I unenrol from an online free care course Training?

If you are using the free course, there is no need to enrol or unenrol. If you have logged into Click and subscribed, you can just remove the course from your portfolio. However, if your manager has added the course to your profile, you cannot remove it or unenrol from it.

I’ve completed a course and couldn’t get my certificate, How should I proceed?

The fastest way to get your certificate is to subscribe and then complete the assessment, after which you can download your certificate.