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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these social care courses free?

Absolutely! Grey Matter Learning provides all this Social Care Training Course for free as simply a way of giving something back, so you can experience our online learning without committing to one of our unlimited learning packages.

Who can take these free Social Care courses?

This course has been designed specifically for Care and Support Workers working in a social care setting. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about certain topics offered in our free training courses.

How often should you take these Free Social Care Training Courses?

As often as possible. These free training courses are available anytime. You can retake the courses as often as you need to for better retention.

How long does these free online Social Care training last?

On average, each of these free Social Care Training courses should take around 30-45 minutes to finish. Find out more here.

How can I unenrol from an online free care course Training?

If you are using the free course, there is no need to enrol or unenrol. If you have logged into Click and subscribed, you can just remove the course from your portfolio. However, if your manager has added the course to your profile, you cannot remove it or unenrol from it.

Can I sign up at any time?

Yes, we have designed all of our systems to run smoothly 24/7.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes!  Absolutely… drop us a line and we can set up a trial account for you so you can experience it from a learner perspective.

How much are your pricing plans?

Monthly Plan – £5 per person per month, plus VAT

Annual Plan – £3 per person per month, plus VAT

Are all the courses included in each pricing plan?

Yes, we have 100+ courses, including the Care Certificate plus all of the Skills for Care mandatory subjects.

Are there any set-up fees?

No, there are no set-up fees or hidden charges with any of our pricing plans.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one!  Having supported the care sector for over 15 years, we know how important competitive pricing is for our customers, given the financial challenges they regularly face, particularly this last year.