Learning is the foundation of everything...

We’re a learntech company on a mission to Improve Lives Through Learning...  

Our goal is simple: to ensure that training is more than a test of memory or a sheep dip experience.  

We believe that learning is the foundation of everything.

Know Understand Do

Person-Centred Learning

We all learn differently, yet often we are all ‘taught’ in the same way. Imagine if it could be different - real person-centred learning that takes account of what we know, understand and do.

When staff are faced with sheep-dip training, they lose interest, faith and trust in the organisations that they work for. It also costs a great deal of time and money, especially when you’re undertaking refresher training with staff that know what they’re doing. That’s why we favour person-centred learning: we always have and we always will.

Know. Understand. Do.

Check out the Skills for Care guidance around Mandatory Training that makes it clear that assessing competence should happen "at least annually".

Grey Matter Learning makes assessing the knowledge and competence of your people straightforward, providing you with the records you need for CQC. 

That way, only the learning to fill gaps is required and you build a record of competence for your staff - win win...

Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence...

For the last three years, Grey Matter Learning has worked tirelessly to be absolutely awesome - we're delighted to achieve the Skills for Care recognition of Centre of Excellence...

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