Wellbeing Courses for Social Care

Start your wellbeing learning journey today and access 20+ online wellbeing courses that were carefully created to aid health and social care workers. Mental health is a huge challenge in care, with over 40% of staff feeling work-related stress.

Wellbeing Courses Training for Social Care

Care for yourself, as you care for others.

Our brand new Wellbeing Package contains 20+ online wellbeing courses, available in a simple annual subscription at just £24. The courses have been carefully created for health and social care workers to aid their mental health. We consulted with hundreds of carers to create a selection of mental health training courses that will help carers build the knowledge and tools required to help them and their colleagues deal with wellbeing challenges in the workplace. Care for yourself, as you care for others.

According to Carers UK, 49% of carers have felt work-related depression and 73% of those with bad mental health are continuing to provide care. It’s our mission to deliver an affordable and accessible solution to help care organisations tackle the vitally important subject of staff wellbeing.

Funded Health and Social Care eLearning

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Improving staff wellbeing
improves productivity and retention.

Equip your care workforce with the knowledge and tools to improve their wellbeing. By reducing work-related stress and aiding colleagues in tackling life’s daily challenges, you can improve their mental health significantly, creating a happier workforce.

We create unique learner experiences through meaningful training. Make your employees feel valued – improving retention across your organisation. Wellbeing learning creates happier, confident, and competent carers, ultimately enhancing the quality of care service you provide.

Access our 20+ wellbeing courses by subscribing, here.

For organisations a larger workforce, who are already subscribed to our core Adult Care Package subscription, we want to make offering wellbeing courses to your employees as hassle free as possible. Speak to our Customer Engagement team about bulk discount pricing. Our team can quickly get the new course package attached to your Click subscription.

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