Game Changing Social Impacts

Every year, our parent company, The Progress Group carries out an independent review and analysis of our work with The Connectives,  who apply numerous processes and methodologies to assess the impact of our work. This is the first year since joining the Group that we have been featured in these social accounts and the results are nothing short of staggering.

Knowing that we make a difference and understanding how we do that are two different things. This process allowed us to understand the extent to which we make a difference on the communities in which we work.

Despite the pandemic placing immense pressure on the social care sector, the fact that we already had an extensive, flexible training offer meant that our engagement levels remained high. There were more than 80,000 active learners and 130,000 learners registered during the reporting period, of whom 80,000 are active learners at any one time.

These results helped generate the social impacts below.

Health and Social care courses elearning

More than just numbers…

To gain a better understanding as to the impacts we have had, The Connectives followed the Social Audit Network process of social accounting as a method of social impact assessment. This included following a process of qualitative and quantitative data collection to assess whether we have had an impact on the lives of learners, customers, and staff.

Such data was gathered from 1-2-1 interviews, case studies and business performance reports. The report also utilises the Social Return on Investment methodology introducing financial proxies to enumerate the social value derived from the collective group activity. These approaches were selected because we believe that in combination these methods:

  • Capture quantitative and qualitative data to provide narrative and economic measures appealing to a mixed audience.
  • Hear the voice of the person served and the partners in delivery.
  • Consider the materiality of evidence – what matters most when considering the impact of each subsidiary.
  • Have credibility in a crowded marketplace – secured
  • from international recognition of the Social Audit
  • Network accreditation.
  • Be based upon clear and transparent principles.

Part of the bigger picture

We are part of The Progress Group, a family of education and training organisations who collectively work to change lives through the power of education and training. Together, we are transforming lives and are incredibly proud of the lasting impacts we are having on the lives of those we work with, and society as a whole.

As a group of businesses we contributed to a combined social value of £38,102,368, over £16,000,000 in savings to the public purse and a social value of £4.09 for every £1 spent on our services across our Group.

Collectively we are changing lives through the power of education and training.

Discover more about our Group and impacts here.