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We are going to share ideas and articles here gathered from over a thousand managers and leaders completing "Lead to Succeed" with us, with contributions from our own team of experts, former inspectors and business leaders.


Skills for Care Size and Structure Report

Thanks for the feedback last week about the Training Matrix; lots of thought and feedback went into its development and I just wanted to thank those customers who shared their ideas.    We have just released a survey to help inform and prioritise our Autumn development schedule.  So if you want a new topic to be…

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training matrix

Training Matrix

Thanks to everyone who shared the recent supervision and CQC post; it is such an important piece of the Social Care jigsaw.  If you have not yet seen our free skills assessments, then check them out here. This week I wanted to return to the training vs learning conversation because that is a similarly important…

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Workforce Development Fund

Thanks to everyone that shared the recent supervision and CQC post, it is such an important piece of the Social Care jigsaw and if you have not yet seen our free supervision skills check and eLearning module, then please do so here. This week’s blog can only be about one topic – Workforce Development Fund…

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Building blocks

Medals and Missions

Thanks again for the feedback on last week’s post about Certificates.  This week I want to visit something I have been meaning to blog about for a long time and that is Medals and Missions. The Rat Sandwich (or sh*t sandwich as you may have heard it called) The tried and tested method for sharing…

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Care Certificate and Certificates

Welcome to our new subscribers and thanks for the comments and interactions on Sarah’s LinkedIn page. We are delighted that people have connected with the “learning vs training” post, plus the recent one on Supervision. This weeks blog is a guest appearance from Alex and he has chosen to visit another topic in a very…

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Robust evidence

Thanks for the feedback over recent weeks to the blog posts.  We know that these are challenging times and we are all adapting as we go. This week, I wanted to follow up the recent post around “learning vs training” and its counterpart, but “eLearning doesn’t work, does it?”  We know you have all had…

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CQC logo

CQC and Supervision

This week, we thought as we have just released our supervision module that it would be natural to talk about supervision.  If you have not seen our free course, do check it out and share with your colleagues. Supervision is Module 3 in Lead to Succeed and is always well received; my personal favourite being…

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Competence circle

Infection Control eLearning

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback following the recent posts and welcome to the new subscribers who have joined us recently.  This week, I want to go back to the post from two weeks ago: “Learning vs Training”, looking specifically at Infection Control. The essence of the recent post was that learning is what we take…

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Get rid of “Just”…

I know we thank everyone for their feedback at the beginning of each post, but I wanted to thank those people who have contacted us directly following the last two weeks’ posts, sharing how it had prompted them to think and re-ignited their passion for what they do.   We were genuinely delighted to hear that…

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Know. Understand. Do

Learning vs Training

Last week, we talked about the fact that “eLearning does not work” – well, ordinary eLearning doesn’t anyway.  After we published last week’s post, a friend shared that they worked in Air Conditioning, with a number of current contracts in NHS settings.   As a result, they had to undertake loads of eLearning… (sound familiar?).  …

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