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Carry out Right to Work Checks….and Avoid A Fine!

Following on from our post at the end of last month about the impact of Brexit on hiring EU Staff, we’ve just launched a brand new Right to Work Checks eLearning course.

Produced in conjunction with Royds Withy King, legal specialists in this field, it’s essential for anyone who recruits people into their business, whatever the commercial sector.

Businesses need to get up to speed with these changes in legislation, which are now post-Brexit and COVID-19 related, or they can look forward to a hefty fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker employed.

So, why not have a bash; it’s free to all (though you won’t get a certificate at the end of it) – the course covers:

  • Duty to prevent illegal working
  • Sanctions
  • The civil penalty
  • Three step Right to Work Check
  • Temporary changes due to COVID-19
  • Home Office verification checks
  • Post Brexit checks

With both civil and criminal penalties, plus hefty fines, at stake for employers who neglect this duty, we bring you this course with the recommendation that you invest a little time to avoid a costly mistake and/or a criminal record.  Please share this with anyone who might benefit from this knowledge.

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