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Stop training just being a tick-box exercise

When you support some of the most vulnerable people in our society it is vital staff training does not just become a box ticking exercise.

Training does not exist simply to satisfy the requirements of the CQC, it is fundamental to delivering the best possible social care services because we all have a duty of care to our communities.

CQC regulation 18 states that staff need to be competent and that is why the Skills for Care mandatory and core training guidance      sets out that learning needs to be refreshed and knowledge and competency assessed on an annual basis. There are currently 19 mandatory social courses.

For many care providers, this  sometimes means lots of staff training expires in the same month and they are faced with tackling everyone’s training at the same time.

This is not only challenging when it comes to scheduling rotas as everyone needs to complete all their training at once, but also means staff are less likely to retain what they have learnt throughout the year.

Research has continuously shown that cramming doesn’t work, and that studying over a number of spaced-out sessions gives people time to adequately process information and a better chance of remembering it.

So how can we help?

People working in social care need to be provided with the best strategies for continually refreshing their training, to enable them to put their training into action on a daily basis.

Our eLearning platform Click has been designed with the learning needs of front-line workers being at the front of mind.  The platform is highly intuitive, and learners are able to take control of their own learning.

Click provides updates with upcoming training as well as reminders when learners haven’t completed training – helping managers and learners avoid the annual panic of having to complete the 19 mandatory courses in one go.

Click also helps make managers’ lives as easy as possible.

The platform gives managers the ability to categorise courses for specific groups of learners, enabling managers to create “learning journeys”, which are specific for individual groups in different care settings. This functionality standardises training across an organisation and ensures training is “people centred” and relevant to those undertaking the training.  Managers can create as many groups as they wish, meeting the individual training requirements for staff across all of your settings.

Managers will receive automated updates when staff complete new training. Click automatically updates our customers Carer Management Systems when individual learners have completed a new training module. This update happens in real time and ensures that our customers training data is always up to date. Crucially, managers also received notifications when staff haven’t completed training.

Click will help you manage your training so that it is managed on a more regular basis rather than peaking at a certain point in the year – helping you to flatten the annual refresher scramble.


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