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Stay on track with Click’s email reminder function.

800 dates! Imagine managing a care organisation that has 40 staff and 20 mandatory courses. This means as a manager you will have 800 dates you need to track. Imagine if your organisation policies have more than 20 courses?

Grey Matter Learning’s Click platform makes this easier with our new email reminder function, allowing managers to stay in control and keep on top of their learners’ progress. Managers now have the ability to switch on email reminders for their staff, reducing the time and effort that comes with manually chasing staff progress.

Click’s system has two types of alerts, learner notifications and manager notifications:

Learner Notifications

When a manager adds a new course, learners will automatically receive a notification, alerting them to complete it.

For example, if the CQC or your local authority identifies your organisation’s health and safety processes are out of date, you could add a Health and Safety refresher course that all staff will be notified to complete.

As a manager, all you need to do is set the ‘due date’, and our system will remind your learners at 30 days to complete it, and weekly thereafter until the course is overdue.

This means you are always in control, as only managers have the ability to turn off these notifications, and importantly, your learners never have a reason to miss out on a course.

Manager Notifications:

Essentially, managers will receive an email round up once a week on a Monday morning, outlining what their staff have been up to, which courses they’ve completed and any that are overdue.

So, rather than having to contact all learners, managers can easily identify which ones have fallen behind and need that extra push.

Benefits to managers:

  • Reduces time and admin effort as there is no need to manually chase staff with phone calls.
  • Ensures your learners will never miss a task or course update.
  • Training updates happen in real time, so all the data you need for the CQC or local authority is always up to date.
  • Staff are more likely to retain the knowledge from the training as the events are spread cross the year – this also helps flatten the curve of your annual training and avoids it all occurring in the same month.
  • Regular reminders promotes a culture of continuous learning, rather than completing training as a tick-box exercise.

Learn more about flattening the learning curve here.

We also released more updates to Click in September that make Click more user friendly than ever! Click here to read more.

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