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CQC Training Hub

In the very near future, we will be launching a new area of our website – the CQC Training Hub. This week, I wanted to take a few moments to share some of the thinking behind why we have set this up and how we hope you can help us to develop it further as it matures.

CQC’s purpose is to help providers improve.

Part of our mission is to be part of the support that enables and facilitates that improvement, so much so that when one of our customers (Lead to Succeed and Click) got Outstanding in all FIVE key questions, we were of course delighted!  We were even more delighted when the report describes how the organisation has an “embedded culture of continuous learning” (yes, I still get goose bumps!).

We wrote a blog a while back (all of which can be found in the CQC hub) about the characteristics of an Outstanding provider and essentially many of the indicators of an outstanding organisation boil down to:

“There’s always room for improvement”

If that mindset is embedded (hopefully alongside a culture of continuous learning ;-)) in the staff team, then we are heading in the right direction.  The Japanese call it “kaizen” and in essence this means continuous improvement.  Even if it is only a tiny improvement, it is still an improvement and over time those tiny tweaks build into meaningful change.

As we recognise as a business that there is always room for improvement, we realised that we wanted to support the sector even further than we do with our free courses, hence the CQC hub.  So, rather than just giving away our “How to prepare for an outstanding CQC inspection course”, we hope to support you by providing really useful information, quickly and easily.

This is where you come in…

Continuous improvement is baked into our processes to make sure our courses are up-to-date and much more.  In order that we cover the things you need in the CQC hub, let us know about that one thing you found really useful but really difficult to find so everyone can benefit.

The Zoom meeting I just attended, we talked about exactly that, the sharing of experience is what makes us human and in social care we are all about people.  So share your story, that thing that really helped, and we will share it in the hub so we can all move forward.

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