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What Good Looks like – NHS Framework

Work in a leadership role? Learn more about NHS England’s ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework and how Grey Matter Learning’s Leadership courses can help.

As part of a 10-year vision to reform adult social care, the Department of Health and Social Care, in collaboration with NHS England, has developed the “What Good Looks Like” (WGLL) framework, a suite of guidance for all health and care leaders to help them digitise.

The framework recognises the transformative role of technology in improving the quality and safety of care and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what care providers need to do to make the best use of digital technologies. It also lays out how to safely and securely digitise and connect services to improve outcomes, experiences, and safety for citizens.

The framework covers the key areas of digital transformation leadership and has seven dimensions including leading well, laying smart foundations, safe practice and supporting people. It is aimed at all health and social care leaders and anyone who has accountability for digital transformation.

The WGLL framework also highlights the importance of leaders providing the resources to equip staff to deliver their digital transformation journey. This includes establishing the appropriate infrastructure to support transformation and everyone in the organisation having the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

What is included in WGLL?

The framework has seven dimensions:

Well led: Leaders are equipped to lead digital transformation and collaboration. They own and drive the digital transformation journey.

Smart foundations: Digital, data and infrastructure operating environments are modern, secure, reliable, resilient, and sustainable.

Safe practice: Organisations maintain standards for safe care and routinely review digital and data systems to ensure they are safe, robust, secure, sustainable and resilient.

Supporting people: The workforce is digitally literate and are able to work optimally with data and technology.

Empowering citizens: Citizens are at the centre of service design and can access and contribute to their healthcare information, taking an active role in their health and wellbeing.

Improving care: Health and care practitioners use digital and data to improve health and wellbeing, transform care pathways and deliver innovative and sustainable care models.

Healthy populations: Organisations encourage development and adoption of new ICS-led, population-based, digitally-driven models of care.

How can I prepare for WGLL?

Grey Matter Learning offers Leadership and Management courses that can help lay the foundations for organisations looking to develop and upskill their leaders. Endorsed by Skills for Care, the courses are CPD qualified and can be accessed using Grey Matter Learning’s flexible and easy-to-use e-learning platform.

Grey Matter Learning is also preparing to launch its new ‘Leadership Academy’. The academy contains a suite of courses designed specifically for leaders in health and social care. Based on best practice within the industry, it can help prepare leaders for the demand and challenges of digital transformation as identified in the WGLL framework. The courses will also be offered as part of one bundle, making it an incredibly affordable and flexible way to study.

Find more information on Grey Matter Learning’s Leadership and Management Courses.

To find out more about the What Good Looks Like Framework, visit NHS England’s WGLL Framework.

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