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Time, the most precious resource

Welcome to all of our new subscribers, thanks for joining our community!  This week I wanted to revisit a topic we touched on in “Time Management”, time, it is the most precious resource.

How we maximise our daily 1440 minutes and what we do during those available minutes is always a hot topic, especially when we have kids to collect from school, work, shopping, eating, sleeping and everything else to fit in!

In a previous post we shared some of the top tips from the Skills for Care CPD module “Understanding self-management” and there are some great ideas in the list.  However we have had some really interesting feedback over recent weeks, which is where the idea for this post came from.

Digital / Virtual Learning and the New Normal

We all know that over the last 18 months things have been very different, but now as things hopefully start to return to some kind of “normal”, will we go back to how we used to do things back in 2019?  It seems such a long time ago now…

The feedback we have received is quite strikingly NO, having had no choice but to adopt technology in some way during 2020 people have not only realised the benefits of doing things differently, but also found out that they are not the technophobes they used to say they were.  I will always remember the post we did on “We CAN do that”.

So we won’t be going back to how things were in 2019 because the amount of time everyone is saving by not travelling to training venues is enormous.  That is not just a saving for employers but also has an impact on work-life balance.

That work-life balance means that we can actually “fit in” all those things that were a bit of a struggle previously, even if it is as simple as walking the dog.  So it is not just time saving, it is time effective too.

Multiple training matrices & eMail reminders

Another conversation we have had recently was “we have four training matrices” and it “takes ages every month, checking who is due, who is out of date and then phoning everyone or sending them a text to chase them up.”

Following on from the reduced travelling (which is great for the environment too), we have been delighted to hear from our customers how much they like the email reminders built into Click and how much time this new feature has saved them every month!

Our customers no longer have to manually identify who is due, or about to go over due, because the reminders get sent automatically (if you switch them on).

The automation built into the Click Training Matrix makes it even easier to share with CQC as well.

Over the summer

To finish off this week, we are developing a huge range of new features over the summer, all with one clear aim to save you time and resources.

If you would like to know more about how our customers are streamlining their processes and spending more time with the people they support, using Click, let us know, we are always happy to chat.

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