The Orders of St John Care Trust's Success with Grey Matter Learning
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The Orders of St John Care Trust’s Success with Grey Matter Learning


The Orders of St John Care Trust, referred to as ‘the Trust,’ is one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit care providers. Renowned for delivering reliable and trusted care, support, and housing services to residents and tenants in over 60 locations. This includes throughout Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

The Trust chose Grey Matter Learning (GML) as their training provider in 2021 for various courses. This included the Mandatory Training. In addition to this, GML also delivered the Lead to Succeed (LTS) programme to their Care Leaders and Senior Support Workers.

This case study explores the Trust’s experience with GML and the impact of using their eLearning platform, ‘Click’, for training purposes.

OSJCT Care Worker

The Solution:

In 2021, the Trust initiated a partnership with GML. This partnership marked a pivotal turning point in their training journey. GML provided a comprehensive and tailored solution to their specific training needs, with their online learning management system ‘Click’.

Click offers easy access for all colleagues to a wide variety of statutory and mandatory training. This includes the Care certificate and other expert-led accredited courses. This addresses the challenge of accessibility and ensuring that training materials are readily available to all users.

The social care eLearning platform also streamlined the process of setting up accounts for new users. The licence recycling feature made it easy for The Trust to reallocate an account if a staff member left.

Care Leadership Academy

In addition to providing online training, GML facilitated the delivery of a customised Care Leadership Academy for the Trust. GML created a bespoke Lead to Succeed (LTS) programme, specifically structured to align with the Trust’s unique processes, procedures, and organisational culture. This programme has been instrumental in developing the leadership skills of over 80 colleagues at the Trust. Reinforcing their commitment to excellence in care. With a further 120 currently on programme or booked to attend in the new year.

As an organisation, we have valued the support and expertise provided by GML, particularly the facilitators of the LTS course, whose guidance has been a cornerstone of the programme’s success. – Matt Aldridge -Russell Head of Leadership & Vocational Development

Managing Quality: The Definition of Quality & Quality Assurance

The Result:

The impact of partnering with GML has been significant for The Orders of St John Care Trust, with employees responding positively.

Colleagues have praised the user-friendly Click platform for its ease of access and intuitive design. They have found the platform not only highly accessible but also remarkably straightforward to navigate, resulting in a notably enhanced training experience.

The Trust commented that colleagues have become very competitive in completing their training online, empowered by the ease of access. To date, approximately 170 colleagues in Oxfordshire use the platform to complete courses, achieving compliance figures consistently above 90% and fostering a culture of continuous professional development.

Our partnership with Grey Matter Learning has proven to be a resounding success, evidenced by the significant improvements in our staff training and the increased efficiency of our operations. We recommend GML’s platform and other training services to any organisation looking for an effective eLearning provider. – Matt Aldridge-Russell Head of Leadership & Vocational Development

The Lead to Succeed programme, delivered by GML, also garnered excellent colleague feedback. They found the programme highly valuable and relevant to their roles and the organisation’s culture.

The Trust itself noted the support and responsiveness of GML. They stated that the facilitators of the LTS course provided ‘valuable guidance’ and demonstrated ‘extensive experience’, lending additional credibility to the training offerings.

Peter Humphreys, Head of Customer Engagement at Grey Matter Learning, also shared his thoughts on the partnership with The Orders of St John Care Trust:

“Working with OSJCT on their Leadership Development has been a real pleasure. OSJCT is committed to developing their leaders’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to pass on their experience and expertise to colleagues; this, in turn, has a positive impact on the people they support.”

The Orders of St John Care Trust wholeheartedly recommends GML and Click to other organisations needing effective, tailored eLearning solutions.

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