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Not April Fools…

Thanks to everyone for sharing their feedback about the Effective Delegation post which was two weeks ago (apologies I missed a week) – how things have changed in only two weeks, it feels much longer…

It is the first of April and no, this post definitely will not be some sort of “April Fools” post that is cleverly written and you have to work out if it is real or “fake news”; we have enough of that going on right now.  However, it is the start of a new financial year for many and hopefully the start of something new for many more when the current situation finally settles down and some sense of normality returns.

So, let’s look forward to the time when we can all sit in a room together for a Lead to Succeed Module One when we learn about our colleagues, share experiences and learn from each other.

Let’s look forward to the time when the roads are full of traffic again (well, perhaps not) and I know some of you are looking forward to when the kids are back at school, I can’t begin to imagine what having my son at home for weeks and trying to “homeschool” him would have been like!

In the meantime, let’s think about what we have learnt (or could learn) by having to do things differently?

I know when we closed our office, early in March and asked all our staff to work from home, we had never done this before.  Even though it was in our disaster recovery plan and we thought it would work, we were thankful that it did work. However, the reason it worked is because of the tenacity and resilience of our staff and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for taking it all in their stride.

What else have we learnt by having to do things differently?  Well, things we thought could not be delivered online, it now turns out that they can; all it took was concerted effort and a little bit of creativity.

I wanted to keep this post short this week, as we are all busy, but going forward what can we learn for the future from having to do things differently in the present?  What can we do to access that effort and creativity all the time without the external stimulus? What are we doing that we never thought we could or would do – is it something we could or should continue to do? Is it more efficient? Have we had better outcomes as a result?

Share your thoughts so we can find the positives from a difficult situation…

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