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How visible is your vision?

Most businesses, including social care organisations, have a vision. Most businesses start with a vision of what they want their organisation to look like in the future.

The vision is a picture, often described in words. They may be motivated by making money or perhaps by more altruistic values like making the world a better, safer place. Social care organisations have the vision to provide a better quality of life for those who access social care services.

GML Vision

Most organisational visions aim to inspire staff and can be one of the reasons people choose to work at an organisation. So, if the vision is so important, how is it then, that when asked about an organisation’s vision, many staff who work in social care cannot remember it or only have a vague sense of what it is about?

Is the vision too complex to recall? Or is it uninspiring and therefore forgettable? Or is it simply because the vision is not visible to colleagues? If we truly want staff to embrace our vision and help us deliver on our promise, then perhaps we need to emblazon this vision on every surface in our work environments.

Imagine a bright, colourful, and eye-catching poster that communicates a company’s vision. A material that was not only visible to staff, but to visitors too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, when asked about their organisation’s vision, staff could share it with ease and confidence?

Visions of Success

A clear vision is not only important for an organisation, but it is a useful tool for leaders and managers. When leaders are looking to recruit new staff into a business, they have an inspiring and motivational vision that encourages them to join their organisation.

An inspiring vision is a key element when facilitating a change in the way things are going to be done moving forwards. When workers understand and have a vision of the purpose and reason behind a change, they’re far more likely to buy into that change and not become resistant. Without a clear vision, it will be more difficult to engage others in the process of change.

A vision can be a kind of celebration of the world we want to see and become a reality for those we are in social care to support. We are accustomed to celebrating when we have achieved something, but the power of celebration can also be utilised and inspiring to those who we need to support us in making our vision a reality. It is like imagining how we will feel when our vision becomes reality.

Great learning opportunities

As part of the Skills for Care leadership and management courses, the importance of a clear vision is explored in depth. Each of the courses is designed to support current and aspiring managers in social care.

The concept of managing change is explored throughout the entirety of the Leading Change Improving Care course. Learners will understand the role an inspiring vision places in fostering change within a social care organisation.

As an endorsed provider of Skills for Care leadership and management programmes, Grey Matter Learning support current and future leaders to explore these important topics.

We recognise that the leadership and management courses offer a rare opportunity for learners to really focus on building a vision and implementing change.

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