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Eddie Stevens named Head of Innovation at Grey Matter Learning


If you’re a customer of Grey Matter Learning (GML), then Eddie’s name will be a familiar one. Eddie has worked with the business for over a whopping ten years, making him one of the longest-serving team members.

Eddie’s previous job role, Customer Relationship Manager, saw him nurture customer relationships and made him the first point of call when support was needed.

In early 2023, it was announced that Eddie would be stepping into a new role as Head of Innovation. In his new position, Eddie will spearhead the development and implementation of new technology and innovations across the business.

Stepping into the role, Eddie shared his key priorities: “When we launched Click in December 2019, we were committed to ongoing growth and evolution. Fast forward three years and we have stayed true to that commitment with regular updates and new feature releases along the way.

“2023 promises to be the most exciting year yet, with my new role allowing me to lead a full-scale programme of developments and new features that will elevate our service to new levels,” he said.

Eddie also shared how new innovations are born from customer and colleague feedback. He said: “Customer and colleague feedback forms a vital part of our innovation strategy. We want to deliver new features that support our customers to do what they do best – deliver fantastic care.

“I can’t wait to work with customers and colleagues to refine and test new features when they launch.”

When it comes to translating feedback into development requirements, Eddie ensures the end products meet GML’s design goal of ‘elegant simplicity’.

Last year, GML received over 17,000 enquiries for tech support. This year, Eddie is keen to find new ways to push the boundaries of tech support, including developing their online chatbot further, recording more self-help video guides, and ensuring each enquiry receives tailored support.

“I will be working closely with our Customer Care team to ensure the 24/7 self-serve help centre and our office hours support team continues to receive widespread acclaim,” he said.

After a ten-year service, it’s unsurprising to learn that Eddie loves his job. When asked why he loves working for GML, he said: “Quite simply – the people I work with are amazing. My colleagues in GML and our customers are without fail genuine in their support and appreciation for my contributions.

“It’s not often that we get to be authentically ourselves, but at GML I can not only be myself but also feel challenged to be the best version of myself. It’s been a tough ten years with COVID-19, Brexit, and political and economic instability rocking the world we live and work in, yet throughout it all, the GML team has stayed positive and embraced each change.”

GML has big plans for 2023, with plenty of new technologies and innovations scheduled to launch this year, with the new Head of Innovation at the helm.

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