Women in Leadership eLearning course

This Women in Leadership short course embodies the core value of Gender Equality, aiming to equip participants with actionable insights to navigate complex issues and advance women into leadership roles effectively.

Being passionate about Gender Equality is a great core value.

In this course we will look at the latest complex issues around gender equality, the advancing of women into leadership, and provide you with actionable insights to take away. This is a dynamic and inspiring program, designed to empower women in diverse leadership roles. You will get to recognise the significance of women’s support networks and their role in driving considerable change, plus assess the latest developments, and uncover the obstacles obstructing women’s ascension to leadership.

This course also highlights the contribution women make to business, society and leadership, and how you can be the best female leader you can be!

  • Being your own best cheerleader
  • Being visible, and overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • How to create both your vision and your Personal Development Plan
  • Identifying barriers, and how Emotional Intelligence can help manage conflict
  • How to become an influential leader who leads authentically
  • Fundamental leadership skills and attributes for women to become courageous leaders
  • Identifying, and the importance of, support networks and networking
  • Maximising opportunities
  • Creating a SWOT analysis, and how it can help with personal reflection
  • Your passion and your purpose; building personal vision statements
  • How to build a social media toolkit and boost your interviews
This course has been designed specifically for people, especially women, who would like better knowledge of the issues of progressing into a leadership role and the obstacles that women often encounter in these roles.This course is suitable for aspiring, new and experienced leaders who would like more information on the topics covered, but is also suitable for anyone who would like more information on the subjects covered.
This course will take 1-2 Hours to complete.

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Women in Leadership eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Women in Leadership course

  • Believing more in yourself, improving your wellbeing, and finding your feet and your voice!
  • Developing your support network
  • Understanding the importance of female leadership for policy, economic health, business, and society
  • Recognising and evaluating your own unique and powerful leadership potential

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