Building Resilience & Beating Stress training course

This Building Resilience & Beating Stress course helps you understand and manage stress effectively in your daily life. Life, work, or even tackling another eLearning course can pile on stress. Failing to recognise and address stressors can seriously affect your well-being and relationships.

Recent insights suggest that how we perceive stress greatly impacts its effects on our health. Through this course, we explore stress awareness and offer practical steps to boost resilience. We also provide accessible resources, drawing on the latest research to offer new perspectives on stress management.

Feeling nervous or excited about starting this course? Take a moment to engage physically—clap your hands, rub them together, and let your fingers move across your screen or keyboard. Let's embark on this journey together, building resilience and conquering stress along the way.

  • What is stress?
  • What causes stress?
  • What are the signs of stress?
  • Stress risk management in the workplace
  • How to manage stress and build resilience
  • Practical activities to cope with stress
  • Mental health
  • Getting help and useful resources
This Building Resilience & Beating Stress course has been designed for anyone who would like to learn more about how to manage their stress and build their resilience.
This course will take 45 minutes to complete.

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Building Resilience & Beating Stress eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Building Resilience & Beating Stress course

  • To gain a greater understanding of what stress is and how it is caused.
  • To understand what the signs of stress are.
  • To develop your understanding of how to manage stress and build resilience as well as what can help to cope with stress.
  • To learn more about mental health.

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Additional course information

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