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Click has a new feature! Automated updates through API connections.


At Grey Matter Learning one of our primary objectives is to make life easier for managers and save them time by streamlining Care Quality Commission (CQC) reporting processes.

To help with this, we have rolled-out a new update through our Click learning platform known as an API, or an Application Programming Interface.

This clever bit of software shares data across different applications, collecting evidence that your workforce is continuing with their personal centred learning so you know they are safe to practice.

How an API can help me day-to-day

1. Single Source of Truth

When our customers told us their main priority is having all their data in one place, we listened. Our API can share data across your systems helping you to reduce the risk of inaccurate or duplicated data records.

2. Accurate Data

The API is effectively an automatic trigger that ensures your staff training training is always up-to-date in a central repository. This helps with making sure all the data you supply to the CQC is accurate, and in turn your inspection is a more efficient process.

3. Time Saving

The API can bring together all of your data from a multitude of systems, allowing you to centralise reporting and save time when it comes to gathering evidence for your local authority or CQC inspection.

In summary, GML’s API will allow you to connect data from Click onto other systems, making every day learning and tracking your progress easier than ever.

Keep an eye out for our next blog, which will dive deeper into our Single Sign On system.


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