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Empowering care excellence: Ashridge Home Care’s journey with Grey Matter Learning

Ashridge Home Care is a leading provider of personalised home care services dedicated to offering exceptional support to individuals in their homes. They approached Grey Matter Learning (GML) back in 2020 with a commitment to strengthening their carer’s knowledge base.

Before partnering with Grey Matter Learning they utilised training resources from Care Skills Academy. However, it became apparent that they needed to offer their learners a more diverse and extensive range of training courses, leading them to GML.

Ashridge Home Care

The Solution:

The partnership with Grey Matter Learning in 2020 marked a significant enhancement in Ashridge Home Care’s approach to training. Through GML’s ‘Click‘ eLearning platform, their learners gained access to an extensive library of over 100 health and social care courses.

Grey Matter Learning offered a tailored and comprehensive training, addressing Ashridge Home Care’s need for a more extensive selection of training materials. This includes expertly created and CPD accredited courses covering all statutory and mandatory training for social care, as well as many other development pathways.

The ‘Click’ platform, with its wide range of accessibility features, is perfectly suited to Ashridge Home Care’s diverse needs. Its innovative toolbar, capable of reading course content and translating it into multiple languages, proved to be an invaluable asset. This functionality ensures that all learners can fully engage with and benefit from the training courses regardless of their background or learning . This commitment to accessibility and inclusivity is reflected in the wider usage of similar technologies across the educational sector. Over the past year, an impressive total of 686,457 individuals have activated the Recite Me toolbar to navigate educational websites and training platforms, including Grey Matter Learning.

Louisa Pope, Training Coordinator at Ashridge Home Care, praised the platform’s extensive course selection and accessibility, stating,

“The range of courses available for my learners is impressive. The accessibility toolbar has been particularly beneficial, allowing courses to be read out and translated, enhancing our carers’ learning experience.”

Ashridge Home Care

Impact and Results:

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 103 learners completing various courses. Learners and trainers alike commend the platform for its user-friendly interface and the practical applicability of the content.

Louisa commented,

“The feedback I’ve received about GML from my learners is overwhelmingly positive. It’s easy to use, and the reminders for course completion are incredibly helpful. I’m confident in the quality of the content, which empowers us to uphold a high standard of care.”

A particularly inspiring example of our training’s real-life impact involved a carer who, after completing the Stroke Awareness course, could swiftly identify the signs of a stroke in a client. This crucial knowledge allowed the carer to act immediately, conducting a stroke assessment that led to prompt medical intervention.

The carer’s quick thinking and application of the course material ensured the client was rushed to the hospital, where they were diagnosed with a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). The client recovered at home, thanks to the carer’s actions.

This story highlights the vital role that comprehensive training plays in empowering carers to deliver exceptional care. It’s a testament to how our ‘Click’ platform educates and prepares carers to make a significant difference in critical moments.


Ashridge Home Care’s experience with Grey Matter Learning showcases the transformative power of quality training in the care sector. The extensive course range, coupled with the accessibility and interactivity of Click, has significantly enhanced the knowledge and skills of Ashridge’s carers, improving the quality of care provided to clients.

Ashridge Home Care wholeheartedly recommends GML to other organisations striving for excellence in care.

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