Oliver McGowan Training
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Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training: Enhancing Care for Autism and Learning Disabilities

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and social care, the introduction of Oliver McGowan training marked a significant step forward. This training is named in honour of Oliver McGowan, a young autistic man who tragically lost his life.

The training aligns closely with the Health and Care Act 2022, it aims to equip the Health and Social Care workforce with the necessary skills and understanding to provide informed care to autistic individuals and those with learning disabilities.

What is the Oliver McGowan mandatory training?

Oliver McGowan mandatory training is designed to enhance the capabilities of health and social care staff in aiding individuals with autism and learning disabilities.

Unlike conventional training, this programme focuses on transforming attitudes and practices to ensure dignified and appropriate care. It is deeply rooted in real-life experiences, offering insights beyond academic learning.

The training provides essential knowledge on learning disability and autism, from understanding the specific needs of autistic individuals to practical strategies for providing effective support.

Is Oliver McGowan training mandatory?

All regulated health providers have a statutory requirement to provide training on Learning Disability and Autism. The Oliver McGowen training is the governments preferred and recommended provider for health and social care staff.

Oliver McGowan Training Tiers

This mandatory training on Learning Disability and Autism is structured into tiers, catering to the varied levels of involvement and responsibility within the social care sector. This tiered approach ensures that each professional receives relevant and appropriate training to their specific role, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the care provided.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the foundational level, focusing on general awareness about Learning Disability and Autism. This tier is crucial for the entire health and social care workforce, including those in administrative and support roles, not just those providing direct care and support.

The training covers the essential knowledge around Learning Disability and Autism including communication skills and reasonable adjustments including family and carers. It also addresses common misconceptions and promotes a positive, respectful approach to care.

Participants will learn about the principles of person-centred support, and the value of promoting independence for autistic people and people with a learning disability. By completing this tier, staff across the social care sector will be better equipped to understand the support needed by autistic people and those with learning disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding care environment.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is more targeted for professionals in direct patient facing roles. This tier is essential for social care staff, nurses, care assistants and anyone who provides direct care and support to individuals with learning disability and autism.

Participants will gain in-depth insights into the lived experiences of individuals with a learning disability.

The training emphasises the importance of informed, empathetic interaction and equips staff with key knowledge and understanding for delivering personalised care. It fosters a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and strengths autistic people and people with a learning disability face, leading to more effective and compassionate care delivery.

How do you complete Oliver McGowan Training?

The training for Oliver McGowan is in two tiers. Both tiers consist of 2 parts:

The eLearning is part of both tiers. Everyone needs to do this regardless of what tier training they need to complete. Part 2 of the training is either a 1-hour online interactive session (Tier 1) or a 1-day face to face training session (Tier 2).

The eLearning on Learning Disability and Autism is available through our online platform, Click, in collaboration with NHS England – eLearning for Health. Experts with experience deliver the online interactive session and face-to-face training.

The course is available free of charge as an additional resource for anyone with a Click account. Users accessing the course agree to comply with the e-LfH Terms and Conditions. Colleagues who are eligible should be allocated the course through the eLearning for Health Website.

How long does Oliver McGowan training take?

The Tier 1 training comprises a 90-minute e-learning module and a 1-hour online interactive session. Meanwhile, Tier 2 training also includes a 90-minute e-learning module, followed by full day of face-to-face training.

The Oliver McGowan training is more than a regulatory requirement; it’s a crucial step towards a more inclusive and understanding social care environment in the UK.

How long does oliver mcgowan training take?

Oliver McGowan training is more than a regulatory requirement; it’s a crucial step towards a more inclusive and understanding social care environment in the UK.

At Grey Matter Learning, we support this initiative wholeheartedly, offering resources and training that resonate with informed, empathetic care principles.

We urge all social care professionals to embrace this preferred and recommended training, not just as an obligation but as an opportunity change culture and reduce health inequalities.

Ready to enhance your skills and make a real difference in social care? Sign up for The Oliver McGowan training today and join a community committed to excellence in care.

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