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You are the future…

It might not seem like it at the moment with the snow, the pandemic and the general post-Christmas January blues, but you are the future of social care.

Social care will never be the same after 2020.  I am sure that you, as well as me, have noticed lots of social care technology companies championing the fact that COVID 19 has dramatically sped up the adoption of tech in social care.  I blogged about it myself a couple of months ago because we noticed that, when hosting the virtual Lead to Succeed and Well Led sessions, everyone was fine using the variety of webinar tech we all now use such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meetings.

Technology will always have a role to play in social care and we know because we have been supporting our customers since 2006 to access the benefits of technology.  That said, our tech has always contained an irreplaceable human element; it is not just eLearning and then a certificate.  It’s much more, though this blog is not about us, it’s about you, that human element.

Social care will always be a people business, it is all about the people we support.  It’s all about the people who provide that support and that is never going to change, a process to which tech can only contribute.  YOU will always be the vital link.  You will always be the bit that builds the relationship with the people you support; the tech might support you, it is never going to replace you…

Therefore, all the hard work that is happening at the moment will only stand you in good stead for the future.  All that extra learning, extra PPE and extra guidance is preparing you for the new normal beyond COVID.  In years to come, you will be able to share with new inductees how you survived the biggest challenge that social care ever faced.

You are the managers and business owners of the future and tech will help to democratise the creation of new social care markets, methods and communities.  It is what gets me excited about the future of social care.

We know it is tough right now but things will be different in the future and tech will play its role, never forget though you will always be the critical link in the chain.

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