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5K Purple Day Sponsored Walk to Support Epilepsy Awareness

Join us this Purple Day on March 26th as we stand in solidarity to raise awareness and support for those with epilepsy. In collaboration with our partners within the Grey Matter Group—AC Education, My Work Mode, and iCPD—we are participating in a 5k walk, highlighting our collective effort in support of those affected by epilepsy. The whole team will be sporting their purple t-shirts and tying up their walking trainers, ready to go on the 26th!

Purple Day is a crucial opportunity to shed light on epilepsy, dispel myths, and foster a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to seek treatment and support. By raising awareness, we can educate the public and advocate for better healthcare resources and research towards finding a cure. To help this initiative we’ve made our Epilepsy Awareness course completely free for public access!

Together, we can make a difference, fostering a more informed and supportive community.

What is Purple Day?

The 26th March is Purple Day, a time to get people talking about epilepsy, raise awareness of the condition and raise vital funds. Help us Stamp Out Seizures this Purple Day with the Epilepsy Society and support our world leading research.

Purple Day Dogs

Free Epilepsy Awareness Course

This epilepsy training course aims to raise awareness about epilepsy and the management of seizures. We look at the different types of seizures, how they are diagnosed as well as some of the treatments available.

Epilepsy Society

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