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Meet The Team: Peter Humphreys, Business Development Manager

Peter Humphreys GML

Meet Pete! In the latest blog in our ‘Meet The Team’ feature, we are asking our Business Development Manager, Peter Humphreys about life at GML, his day-to-day job and what he enjoys about working in the social care industry. Would you like to connect with Pete directly? Connect with him on Linkedin to discuss our eLearning platform… and Pete’s Mastermind subject, Star Wars!

What is your role at Grey Matter Learning?

I am the Business Development Manager. So, my role is all about supporting new partners to come on board and to access Click our Learning System, our Skills for Care Leadership Programmes, and our course files to have on your learning system.

When did you start working at GML?

I joined in April 2015. Before GML, I worked for an outdoor shop and even in a bank!

What is your day-to-day life like on the job?

I usually start with catching up with the BD Team, then straight into my emails and responding to any questions from existing or potential partners. I normally have a few demonstrations of our system booked in and some calls with some of our customers. There will always be some internal meetings along the way, but mostly I spend my days speaking to potential partners. I also like reading through the latest news and information that comes through to see if there are opportunities for us to offer further support or new courses that the sector is looking for.

What is your favourite thing about working in the Social Care sector?

My mum was in a hospice for a few months about five years ago which impacted me massively. For me, it is knowing that what we do makes a positive change for those in care and their families. It is great to know you have helped someone in their last days or helped with the support they have received from a provider. It’s always great to hear the feedback from our partners and the people they support and see the positive influence that we have on lives. I really enjoy my job and speaking to all the different providers out there. Every day I talk to someone new who has a different approach to care.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the industry?

You need to be someone that really cares about people in need of support and be enthusiastic about improving the sector. Unfortunately, the Care Sector is lower funded, but it is such a great industry to work for. I think those who work in care are amazing people and genuinely care about what they do. They want to go that extra mile for the people they support, and sometimes I think it is not recognised as much as it needs to be.


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