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Kickstarter Connor Monaghan excelling in new Content Developer role

Meet Connor

After joining Grey Matter Learning through the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, new starter Connor Monaghan will be working as Content Developer, creating on-brand content for GML learners.

Working as part of the wider team, Connor’s role will involve liaising with industry experts to create and develop interesting copy so that when learners use GML’s Click platform, they can learn and further their education in an engaging way.

With a background in Physics, Connor has recently completed his Master’s degree at University in Liverpool and is excited to use this opportunity to broaden his skillset further. In addition to this, Connor is also a keen Cuban Salsa dancer and is heavily involved in leading Salsa classes.

Speaking about what it is that he enjoys about the role, Connor said: “I love how varied the job is. Even in the short amount of time that I’ve worked for GML, I’ve been able to experience so many different aspects of the company.

“The support from Sarah [Knapp, Director] and everyone else on the team has been amazing. The process of teaching me everything I need to learn hasn’t been too overwhelming and I think the support that I have received has been very, very welcoming.”

Referring to the Kickstart Scheme, a government-funded scheme that enables 16 to 24-year-olds to find employment through paid work placements, Connor said: “This is such a great opportunity for young people. When I got the job, I didn’t expect to have so much responsibility so soon but I was made to feel comfortable in what I was doing and I gained more confidence.

“I feel like it gives you that foot in the door and sets you up to become part of the team. It feels less like I’m on placement and more like I am part of something.”

Connor continued: “I really enjoy what I’m doing now. I picked this particular role from the Kickstart Scheme because it really interested me and I’ve discovered I’m really excited about it. I’m keen to see where it takes me.”

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