How Rush House Enhanced Service Delivery
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How Rush House Enhanced Service Delivery with Grey Matter Learning

Rush House is a dedicated provider of supported accommodation, offering a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable individuals. Recognising the need for high-quality, comprehensive training to support their staff and service users better, they partnered with us back in November 2023.

This partnership aimed to provide access to a wider range of relevant training modules, critical for enhancing staff skills and improving service delivery.

Prior to working with us, Rush House used other training platforms, which were limited in the variety of courses available and lacked engagement. This made the learning experience unappealing and ineffective for staff development.

How Rush House Enhanced Service Delivery

The GML Solution

The shift to Grey Matter Learning marked a significant enhancement in Rush House’s training capabilities. Currently, they have 30 learners registered. Through our eLearning platform, Click, their team has accessed a wide range of essential training courses, including Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Children and Adults, Mental Health Awareness, and Lone Working.

Beyond the core courses, their Managerial Team has engaged with courses such as Supporting Menopause in the Workplace and Supervision Skills for Managers. These courses have been instrumental in strengthening leadership within the facility and ensuring managers are well-prepared to support their teams effectively.

Steve, Registered Service Manager at Rush House, praised the platform for its range of management courses and tracking capabilities: “As a management tool, it’s invaluable. We can easily track course completion and extract data from the portal, enhancing our oversight and ability to manage learning outcomes effectively.”

The Health & Safety and Maintenance team at Rush House have also seen significant benefits from the training provided through Click. They have enhanced their expertise in critical areas such as:

How Rush House Enhanced Service Delivery

Integration and Feedback

We have received positive feedback on the implementation of our training through Click. The platform’s design effectively ensures that learners engage with the content, thanks to built-in features that prevent skipping ahead, guaranteeing meaningful interaction throughout the courses.

Paula, Lifeskills Manager, shared her experience with the platform:

“The learning platform is extremely user-friendly, with courses that are well-structured and rich in content. It’s a robust tool for ongoing professional development.”

Other team members have said the accessibility and depth of training provided transformed their approach to staff development. The platform is user-friendly and comprehensive, making it easier for their team to stay up to date with essential training.

Kathy, a Support Worker at Rush House, noted,

“I prefer Grey Matter Learning over previous platforms like IHASCO. It’s easier to navigate and gets straight to the point without unnecessary complexity.”

Impact and Results

Since adopting our training solutions, Rush House has noticed a significant uplift in staff competence and confidence.

The training has enabled their staff to stay current with their core training requirements and explore additional learning opportunities they previously had limited access to.


Rush House’s experience with us as their training provider showcases the impact of tailored and engaging eLearning solutions in supporting teams within the health and social care sector. The platform’s functionality and broad range of courses have empowered their staff to deliver superior care and support, aligning with Rush House’s commitment to service excellence.

Steve Harris, Project Manager at Rush House, commented,

“We highly recommend GML and Click as a training platform to other organisations seeking high-quality, engaging, and effective training solutions.”

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