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Grey Matter Learning welcome two new team members

Grey Matter Learning has welcomed two new team members into its fold. The team are known for their passion and knowledge of the social care industry, and the newbies are no exception.


Michael Peden – Partnerships Manager

Michael joins the team as their Partnerships Manager. Michael’s role will see him drive current and new partnerships for the business.

Fun facts about Michael:

  • Michael and his wife enjoy cruising the high seas, exploring new and interesting places around the world
  • He loves playing golf (although he isn’t very good).

When asked what about his experience so far at GML, Michael said: “I am thoroughly enjoying working at GML so far. Everyone has made me feel so welcome.

“My core role is to reach out to current partners and new organisations for GML to partner with, who complement and boost the service offering. I am also keen to explore new markets and identify additional opportunities to sell services, boost sales, and increase profits of course.”

Elizabeth Denton – Content Development Manager

Content Development Manager, Elizabeth, comes armed with a wealth of experience having previously worked as a Learning Services Technologist at AAT (Associate of Accounting Technicians). Elizabeth has a Certificate in Health & Social Care from the Open University, which she completed in her early twenties.

Her role will see Elizabeth develop high-quality, effective, and engaging content for GML.

Elizabeth headshotFun facts about Elizabeth:

  • When she was younger, Elizabeth held a Guinness World Record for most recorder players in one room
  • She loves white water rafting and has rafted down the Zambezi River!

We asked Elizabeth what attracted her to GML, and she said: “I have ADHD and have always had a passion for the eLearning industry. If eLearning had been around when I was in college, I would probably have not struggled so much.

“When I saw the materials being produced by GML I just fell in love with the sense of humour injected and the passion that goes into creating engaging learning.”

The GML team now comprises eight full-time colleagues, each bringing expertise, knowledge, and a whole load of personality to their roles.


Meet our team!

  • Phil Hitchcox – Managing Director
  • Peter (aka Pete) Humphreys – Customer Engagement Manager
  • Eddie Stevens – Customer Relationship Manager
  • Harriet Baxter – Customer Engagement Associate
  • Kieran Smith – Customer Support & Administrator
  • Caleb Carter – Data Analyst

So, now you have met the team, let’s see what a typical day at GML might look like.

8.30am: Our day starts at 8.30am and usually includes a large cup of coffee.

8.35am: First things first, we catch up on some admin. This includes responding to emails and customer queries. Then we will make our ‘to-do’ list – this helps us stay on task throughout the day.

9am: It’s time for a demo! As part of our service, we provide all new and potential customers with a demo to help them understand more about our Learning Management System (LMS) ‘Click’. Our demos usually last one hour, with a chance for questions at the end of the session.

10am: We offer 24/7 support to each of our customers. Every day we set aside time to follow up on support requests. Each of our customers has a dedicated account manager who offers bespoke support.

12pm: Time for lunch!

1pm: Course content and updates. We regularly update our course catalogue, updating content and adding new features to enhance our customers’ service and experience.

2pm: Internal planning. To ensure we stay ahead of the curve, we host internal planning sessions to discuss current themes in the sector, upcoming events, and other tasks.

3pm: Time to host a webinar! At GML, we are always looking for new ways to bring the social care community together and offer – advice and support. Webinars are the perfect opportunity to draw on the expertise of industry professionals and open up a forum for discussion and a chance to share best practices!

4pm: We regularly meet with our marketing team to discuss upcoming campaigns and opportunities.

Did you know: Grey Matter Learning is part of a larger group of training and education providers, The Progress Group. Our marketing team comprises six full-time members of staff who cover digital marketing, PR and communications, and design.

5.30pm: That’s a wrap! Our day ends at 5.30pm. We close our laptops and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!


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