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Grey Matter Learning team continues to expand as they welcome Ben Donnelly as Customer Support Advisor

Grey Matter Learning has welcomed another new recruit into its ranks, Ben Donnelly. The team have big plans to grow the team significantly to help them support even more care providers to access industry-leading training.

Ben, who has joined the organisation as a Customer Support Advisor, previously worked as an online shopper for three years at the leading UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s. Before that, Ben spent four years working at a Debenhams restaurant, “Need a coffee? I can make them all – given the right equipment!” he teased.

During his early career, Ben moved from various roles gaining transferrable skills and valuable experience that would later serve him in his new role at Grey Matter Learning.

Describing his typical day at GML, Ben said: “My day consists of working in the Newbury office, helping customers to log onto the system and supporting them with any issues regarding courses, certificates, the training matrix, and subscriptions.

“I love being in a customer-facing role. It allows me to meet new people and get to know our customers so I can provide the best service possible. My role means I can help turn a frustrating day into a positive one for our customers.”

Ben was quick to praise the GML team and has already noticed how passionate they are about the work they do.

“The team are driven to succeed and have a real passion for the industry. No matter what the issue is, they are committed to resolving it. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here, which is very refreshing,” he said.

When asked what attracted him to the role, Ben outlined how the customer-focused role enticed him. Ben said: “I have always loved working with customers and engaging with them to find the root of different problems. This role offered me a chance to make a difference to people who are doing their best to support the critical work in the care sector.”


As a right of passage at GML, each new recruit is asked to share three fun facts about themselves…

  1. Ben can play the ukulele!
  2. Ben is a Muslim, and his wife is actually living and working in Saudi Arabia at the moment.
  3. Ben’s favourite pastime is reading a sci-fi novel, including Wuxia 0 which are Chinese translated cultivation novels!




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