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GML working in partnership with MS Society to launch free awareness course!

MS Awareness

Each year around 7,000 people are diagnosed with MS in the UK, and more than 130,000 people in the UK currently live with MS. So, to help raise awareness, we are now working in partnership with the MS Society to deliver a free Multiple Sclerosis Awareness course.

We have always been passionate about building strong partnerships with subject specialists to create our online courses, and who better to provide expertise on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) than the MS Society!

Several of our learners have previously requested a course about MS, so when the MS Society approached us to work with them to create a course we said yes.

The course content was developed by the MS Society and then shared with us so we could transform this into an engaging and dynamic course for our learners. To help us ensure the course was accurate and effective, the MS Society shared it with individuals living with MS and subject specialists.


We received some really positive feedback…

One comment said: “People with MS felt that it was engaging and dynamic and contained a lot of really useful information.”

Another commented on how much they liked the interactivity and tone of the course.

The MS Society outlined how everyone they spoke to (themselves included) thought the course was a really great resource. Highlighting that it had done as they hoped; it was interactive, informative, and dynamic.

The course is specifically designed for people who want to learn more about MS. It covers eight elements, including MS facts and statistics, key signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment therapies, well-being tips, common challenges and barriers, and advanced and complex cases.

The course will undoubtedly be very beneficial for those who work in the social care sector. However, we want to encourage a wider audience to consider taking our free, condensed version of the course.

Whether you want to learn more about MS or know someone living with MS, this course will help give you a deeper understanding and awareness of MS. On average, the course should take around 30 minutes to complete.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify to signs and symptoms of MS
  • Understand the diagnosis process and available treatments
  • Know the common challenges and barriers for people living with MS
  • Identify what can be done to support the well-being of people with MS
  • Possess a greater awareness of advanced MS



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