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Get rid of “Just”…

I know we thank everyone for their feedback at the beginning of each post, but I wanted to thank those people who have contacted us directly following the last two weeks’ posts, sharing how it had prompted them to think and re-ignited their passion for what they do.  

We were genuinely delighted to hear that the blog is reaching people and that is partly why I chose this week to talk about “get rid of JUST!”

When we deliver module five of Lead to Succeed – Leading and Managing the Inspection Process, there is a slide just before the lunch break that quotes the lovely Richard Banks and I always make a point of finishing the first half of the session using what Richard is quoted as saying:

“When asked about their work the response is generally prefaced with ‘Well, I just…..’ they then go on to describe a complex mix of psychological insight, knowledge, practical creativity and skill.” 

Richard Banks, submission to Cavendish Review, July 2013

Given the current circumstances, I intend to keep this week’s post brief.

In essence, if you catch your staff describing themselves as “I am just a carer” or “I’m just a support worker”, make sure that staff know that they are not “just” anything.

From all of the examples I have heard over recent weeks delivering Module Five via webinar (and if you want to join us for free – just click here), I am in little doubt that you have loads of examples of your staff going way beyond the “call of duty”.  I bet you have loads of staff who have “gone the extra mile” to support the people they work with in very difficult circumstances.

So let’s endeavour to capture all of those examples so that when CQC resume inspections, so many providers get an outstanding rating because of all of the evidence you have gathered recently.

Finally, let’s use the current situation to celebrate all of the amazing work that goes on in our sector, every single day.

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