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Fast Track Induction…

Thanks for the kind feedback on last week’s Resilience blog; I hope it provided some support during this difficult time for all.

I wanted to turn this week to another key issue – the recruitment and retention of care workers.  This has always been a thorny issue within the adult social care space, though there has been a reported 50% increase in applications received by care organisations.

Since 2007, we’ve been advocating for upfront assessment as part of the recruitment process in care, so that employers can quickly understand whether each potential member of staff is able to know, understand and do.  There’s then no need for each applicant to re-do the Care Certificate, one of the main criticisms from care workers.  We have this very popular tool called the Care Certificate Interview Assessment available in Click, our upgraded online learning system.

Fast track induction doesn’t mean it has to be flimsy, however, it might even be the most robust approach.  What we get to do is value the knowledge that experienced workers bring to the role, i.e. by not repeating learning unnecessarily but to find out at the earliest opportunity (i.e. interview) about their values, knowledge and experience.  Eddie, our Customer Relationship Manager, explains how in this short video.

We have also devised a short Care Challenge Quiz “Do You Care?  Can You Care?” – it’s not values-based recruitment but it is free, in order to help those who are thinking about working in care or wanting to volunteer during this crisis.  This quiz has been designed to help you to think about some of the things involved in becoming a care worker and the questions will help you to prepare for interviews. Following on from the quiz we provide some essential information about working in a care role. Please add this to your recruitment pages and share via social media.

Once again, do let us know if any of these tools have proved useful for you and feel free to share as widely as you like.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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