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Eating Disorders Training Launched to Support 1.25m Sufferers in UK

It is estimated that over 1.25 million people in the UK are currently living with an eating disorder. Eating disorders can have profound implications for individuals accessing social care services. It may affect their mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life, requiring specialised support within the social care system.

To support the sufferers of these conditions within social care, the Grey Matter Learning team have released a new health and social care course, ‘Eating Disorders’. The Eating Disorders training covers eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder (BED). We hope the course gives carers a better understanding of how to address eating disorders when providing care. The training is also useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about eating disorders, for example, parents, family members and also individuals experiencing eating disorders themselves.

You can access the Eating Disorder training course as part of one simple subscription starting at £3 per month.

The creator of the course, who wishes to remain anonymous has extensive experience in working with those with eating disorders, as well as having experienced difficulties themselves. They have shared a touching message to accompany the course release:

“As someone who has experience with eating disorders both professionally and personally, it is my passion to bring more understanding about this subject. I spent 10 years of my own youth immersed in the depths of Anorexia Nervosa. This included multiple hospital admissions and lots of involvement with various mental health services. I experienced a profound, challenging and comprehensive recovery process. I have since achieved qualifications in more academic arenas including a BA (hons) in the Arts Therapies, a National Diploma in Health Studies, numerous Counselling, Safeguarding and Mental Health First aid training as well as a three year course on Naturopathic Nutrition.

“I have direct experience of supporting others experiencing eating disorders, both in one to one and group settings. I am a trained counsellor and have volunteered for SWEDA (Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorder Association), providing a helpline and assisting various awareness raising events. I have also visited mental health units as a freelance worker, providing presentations on Eating Disorders, Stress and Anxiety management.

At University I did my dissertation on “Anorexia and the Healing Power of Embodiment”, exploring how the therapeutic arts can bring healing and connection back into peoples bodies and lives. As a Nutritional Therapist, and diligent mental health advocate, I combine personal and professional insights to guide and educate. Through this course I aim to provide a comprehensive insight into eating disorders.”

Take the Eating Disorders course

This course will help health and social care professionals identify types of eating disorders and how to diagnose, treat and support sufferers effectively.

eating disorders course

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