Enteral Feeding (PEG) eLearning course

This course will cover the different types of enteral feeding. Gastrostomy enteral feeding tubes are used for people with enteral nutrition and medication administration needs.

We will cover theory and practical information to provide the essentials to compliment practical application to provide all round competence and confidence.

  • What is Nutritional Support and Enteral Feeding?
  • Different types of enteral tubes
  • Types of feeding
  • Parts of the feeding tube and syringes used
  • Positioning and flush through
  • Procedures for feeding
  • Procedures for administering medication
  • Care and maintenance
  • Effective mouth care
  • Complications and record keeping
This course has been designed specifically for people who would like to have an understanding of enteral feeding.
This course will take 30 minutes to complete.

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Enteral Feeding (PEG) eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Enteral Feeding (PEG) course

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of types of enteral feeding, the equipment involved, how to administer nutrients and medication via enteral methods and the complications that can arise with enteral feeding.

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Additional course information

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