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A big thank you from us all here at Grey Matter Learning - we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we have been working through a couple of upgrade challenges.

We've already received some great positive feedback about Click from our customers, both old and new:

"I'm very pleased with the new Care Certificate course" NHS Hospital, Hampshire

"Click is easy to use, even for a non-technical person like me!" Care Agency, Berkshire

"I'm loving Click - it's excellent!" Care Organisation, West Midlands

Check out our FAQ section below or view any of the upgrade videos and user guides for tips and hints.

If you are still experiencing problems, then please use the Contact Us button below.

Watch Manager Upgrade Video Here

Over the past 12 months, we have spent a lot of time designing the upgrade based on all of the feedback from managers just like you. However, if you feel we have missed something, then please let us know.

Adding Learners User Guide / Demo

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I use the same username and password as the previous system? Yes.

I can't seem to sign in? Use the 'forgot password' link on the Click Sign in page.

Which browser should I use? We recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Does "Click" work properly on mobiles and smart devices? Absolutely, the Click upgrade has been built with Learners in mind.  

Do I still need two logins? No, everything is now in one place, including easy-to-access certificates.  

Can I set the refresher period? Absolutely! 

Do I need to email my staff their login details? No, Click will do that automatically for you.  

Can I assign courses for different Learners? Yes.  

Can staff re-take assessments? Yes, but do have a look at the new smart assessment feature...

When adding new staff, I can't set them as a Learner? For security reasons, Click only allows profiles set at the top level to be Manager level. Before adding any new Learners, please create a Group for them. To create a Group, go to the Groups page, click on Create Group and fill out the box. This Group will then be available for you to select when adding new Learners, and will allow you to give them the role of Learner.  

How do I view the Learning Archive? You can view the Learning Archive for your staff by selecting Learners and viewing their profile. There is a link to switch between the courses on Click and the Learning Archive. The Learning Archive gives a detailed list of all the courses they completed. Due to the challenges with the certificate dates, we have added each module as a separate line so you can be sure to see exactly what was completed and when.

When adding new staff, the Create and Send button doesn't seem to work? This is because one of the fields still needs to be set. Remove any blank rows which may have been added if you clicked the Add Learner too many times. Check that Role and Group have been completed; they are cleared when you click the Deselect All button at the top of the course list.

Why are courses signed-off on the previous system showing as completed in December 2019? This is because the overall course was not signed-off in the previous site. During the upgrade, the course was automatically signed-off if all the course sections or standards were signed-off. We are investigating options to update the Certificate Date to correctly display the final date of sign-off for the last course section which was completed.

Why is the wrong person showing as my Manager or Group Manager? We have big plans for Click which include system notifications for Managers about their Learners' activity. Setting up a named Manager is the first step towards developing these notifications. At the moment, if there are multiple Managers in a Group, Click is choosing one and allocating them as the named Manager. We will be adding a feature to allow you to select which Manager should be displayed. Don't worry, we know they aren't really your manager and you will be able to configure this in Click soon.

Why does the scenario question stop me from completing the assessment? This is because your answer has exceeded the character limit. We will be increasing this limit very soon. For now, just add a shorter answer; if you need to go into more detail, you can click on the outcome and add more evidence once you have completed the assessment.

I seem to be missing activity from Thursday morning (12th December) - what's happened? We experienced a technical issue which affected any activity from 0800hrs to 1230hrs. We are working with our technical partner to see what activity was affected during this time. In the meantime, please continue to use Click as normal. If you urgently need to complete your course, then please do re-take it so you are up-to-date with your learning requirements.  

Why do my Learners receive an internal server error when trying to sign in? This is due to enhanced security settings within Click which prevents Learner accounts from being set at the top level group. Please move the Learner into a Group. You may need to create a Group first. We will be updating the error message to something more user-friendly as soon as possible.  

What are the new profile roles : “Reporting” and “Review Sign-off”? You told us you want to be able to set the access rights for their Managers and Supervisors so they can’t create accounts or change Learners' development plans. Now you can!  

Reporting Manager - All admin functions are disabled apart from the ability to view the Learners' courses to add evidence and sign-off learning outcomes. This DOES NOT allow them to sign-off the courses themselves.  

Review Sign-off - the same as Reporting but this DOES allow them to sign-off the courses as well.

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