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Click Updates Oct ’22 and future plans for eLearning Platform

We’ve been busy behind the scenes making improvements and planning our next wave of exciting new features.

The accessibility toolbar is even more accessible!

We’ve added a new icon to Click to make it even easier to find the accessibility options.

accessibility bar

Managers weekly digest emails

We know how much some of you have missed the weekly managers digest emails.  We finally managed to track down the gremlin that was preventing these from sending correctly and have humanely removed it.

Behind the scenes we continue to work on ensuring the technical architecture that makes Click run is up to date with the latest patches and security releases.

Secondary email issue

When adding new learners to Click it now checks their email address against both primary and secondary emails of existing users.  This should stop the rare occasions when duplicate profiles were created.  Do let us know if you have any duplicated profiles and we will work with you to tidy them up.

Sessions sign off issue

We have corrected an annoying glitch when signing off sessions to show the learner did not complete them.  These will no longer show as completed on the training matrix.

Single compliance percentage for Click courses

We have added a widget to the manager dashboards so you can see the overall compliance rate for your organisation.  To start with this will only look at Click courses but we are considering an update to look at any sessions which you have added as well.

compliance bar

Coming soon

Most of our time has been spent scoping and planning our developments for the few months and setting out our longer-term roadmap.

Our next updates will be:

  1. Bulk import/update learners via a csv file an
  2. Bulk import learning plans from a csv.  We imagine this will be like creating your training matrix in excel and then uploading it to Click where the courses will automatically be allocated or updated for your staff. This one is quite complex so may take a while.

Watch this space!

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