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Celebrate Social Care

Welcome to our new subscribers and thanks for the feedback on last week’s post.  This week I wanted to keep things short and simple following a couple of lengthy posts.

I have deliberately chosen “Celebrate Social Care” because, after months of challenges and changes, the one good thing that has come out of Coronavirus is that the country now knows how important social care is to the very fabric of society.

Never has there been a more important moment to recognise the amazing work that happens every day in our sector.

We may very well be at a tipping point for social care, because it has been striking over the last couple of weeks how many reports, white papers and statements from the UK government have all pointed to the same things:

We sincerely hope that the COVID silver lining is that more people choose to work in social care and the government delivers on it’s manifesto promises having realised just how important social care is.

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