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Join leading experts in social care, Neil Eastwood, Mark Topps, and Damien Wilkins, as they provide a masterclass on practical solutions for addressing the sector’s issues with recruitment and retention.

Focussing on Workforce Strategies, we will cover the following:

  • Sourcing – Is this the end of international recruitment and what’s next?
  • Policy – with a new Government less than 2 weeks away – what might the effect be on recruitment and retention?
  • Candidate volumes/quality – as AI threatens to flood recruiters with fake or enhanced applications, what steps can we take?
  • Interviewing: how can we reduce no-shows and ghosting?
  • Retention: how to improve retention in the first 90 days
  • Pay: Is the recent NMW increase helping or making things worse?
  • Values-based recruitment and the main benefits of this.
  • How to align the right people with your company values to improve retention.
  • Why do people leave a role in care?
  • Holistic onboarding
  • Internal recruitment – signposting people to some services that can help with this.
  • Tangible tips that people watching can take away and implement straight away.

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The Speakers

Neil Eastwood

CEO Care Friends

Damien Wilkins

Manager, Care Character

Phil Hitchcox

Director Grey Matter Learning

Mark Topps

Co-Founder, The Caring View

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