How Training Transforms Care Quality: An Insight into the New State of Care Report
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How Online Training Transforms Care Quality: An Insight into the State of Care Report

Quality of care is the cornerstone of the health and social care sector, a principle clearly illustrated in 2023’s State of Care report published by Skills for Care. The report focuses on the factors that affect Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings. It examines the link between investment in staff training and development and the level of care provided.

The Impact of Training on CQC Ratings

The 2023 State of Care report provides a thorough analysis of the factors that influence CQC ratings. This includes leadership quality, staff well-being, and patient engagement. The report also indicates a clear link between staff training and higher CQC ratings:

75.3% of care workers had begun or completed the Care Certificate at high-scoring establishments. Compared with 70.2% at the lowest-scoring establishments. Furthermore, 65.6% of care workers at the highest-scoring establishments had training records on the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS). This is in contrast to 61.6% at the lowest-scoring care settings.

The figures provided in the report -highlight the importance of comprehensive training in achieving high CQC ratings. Here at Grey Matter Learning (GML), we understand the critical role that training plays in elevating care standards. We are committed to supporting care providers in enhancing the quality of care, surpassing CQC expectations, and increasing retention.

GML’s Commitment to Excellence in Training

Our comprehensive range of expertly created, CPD-accredited online courses reflects our commitment to excellence in care. These health and social care courses cover all statutory and mandatory training for social care and other development pathways, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Our eLearning platform, ‘Click’, is available through a simple subscription. Click offers over 100 health and social care courses and certificates. Designed to dliver significant time and cost savings whilst providing a user-friendly and efficient learning experience, Click embodies our commitment to exceeding industry standards, contributing directly to higher CQC scores.

GML’s Training Approach

Our training approach is built around the ‘Know. Understand. Do’ methodology, placing learning in the workplace at its core. This person-centred approach to learning ensures that training is more than just a box-ticking exercise; it is informative, impactful, and relevant to the carer’s daily responsibilities.

Elevate care standards with GML

The statistics from the report clearly show that investing in training directly contributes to higher CQC ratings.

At GML, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. Our alignment with the Care Certificate and other sector-specific courses ensures that our learners are well-equipped to provide the highest standard of care, ultimately leading to better outcomes for those in their care.

Ready to elevate your care standards? We are here to support you in achieving outstanding CQC ratings. Explore our comprehensive range of training courses and join us in our commitment to excellence in care through education.

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