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Working in the health care sector requires constant training every year for government compliance and quality assurance. The Care Quality Commission requires that health and care support workers be up-to-date and meet both Regulation 18 and the Skills for Care mandatory training guidance.

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Healthcare Courses

Care Certificate assessing

Assessing Competence for the Care Certificate

This course has been designed for Assessors and people responsible for assessing the Care Certificate in a social care setting.

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Social Care Awesomeness

Assistive Technology

This course has been designed to provide people with an awareness and basic understanding about the Assistive Technology (AT) available to support adults who have memory loss or cognitive difficulties.

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Social Care Bed Rail Safety Courses | eLearning Training | GML

Bed Rail Safety

This online training course provides essential information about the purpose of bed rails and using them safely.

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Buccal Midazolam Administration

This course has been written by a specialist nurse following the Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA) best practice guidelines for training professional carers in the administration of buccal (oromucosal) midazolam.

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Continence Management

This free online training course has been designed specifically for Care and Support Workers working in a social care setting.

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COVID Training Course

This course provides employees and staff with the essentials you need to know, together with links to the latest government, Care Quality Commission (CQC) and NHS updates.

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DeChoker Device


This course from Dechoker UK provides an overview and instructional guidance in the use of an Adult Dechoker ACD (Airway Clearance Device)

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Social Care on Dementia Awareness Course | Grey Matter Learning

Dementia Awareness

In this course, we look at how you can support people to live well with dementia including how to provide support in the later stages.

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Diabetes Essentials Training Course for Social Care Companies | Care Certificate Online

Diabetes Essentials

In this training course, we explain what diabetes is and what to look out for.

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Dysphagia course

Dysphagia and Choking

Provide practical guidance on how to support someone who has Dysphagia and how to help them if they choke or become unwell.

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Epilepsy Awareness

This free epilepsy training course aims to raise awareness about epilepsy and the management of seizures.

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Loss and Bereavement Support

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Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disabilities Course | Social Care Training

Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disabilities Essentials

This training course is about three of the major aspects of care you are likely to come across in your role.

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Manual Handling Courses

Moving and Handling

This is perfect for people who are working in the social care setting and even for those people assisting special needs people.

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Obesity in Adults

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Oral Health Care Course for Social Care Providers and Individual Carers | eLearning Training

Oral Health Care

This training course will give you a greater understanding about oral health care.

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Parkinsons Training

Parkinson’s Disease

This course provides an overview of the disease to enable people to understand what it is as well as the signs and symptoms to look out for.

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Positive Behaviour Support Course | Care Certificate Online Training

Positive Behaviour Support

In this course we will explain what Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is and why it is the recommended approach to working with people who display “behaviours that challenge”.

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Social Care PPE (COVID-19) Essentials Course | eLearning Training

PPE (COVID-19) Essentials

This online training course aims to increase the awareness of PPE in social care.

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Reporting and Recording

This online Reporting and Recording training course explains the principles of recording.

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right to work Training

Right to Work Checks

This online training course has been designed for anyone who is responsible for employing people.

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Social Care Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcers Courses | eLearning with Certificate

Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcers

This online training course is focused on raising awareness about pressure ulcers.

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Free Stress and Resilience Training Course

Stress & Resilience

In this stress and resilience training course we explain stress and how to notice it.

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Stroke awareness

Stroke Awareness

In this online training course we look at stroke symptoms and the importance of acting quickly.

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Suicide and Self Harm

This online training course has been designed specifically for Care and Support Workers working in a social care setting.

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Supervision Skills for Manager Online Training | Social Care

Supervision Skills for Managers

This course has been designed specifically for people in a management or supervisory role working in a social care setting

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