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Continuous Learning = Continuous Competence

As a learning technology company, we at Grey Matter Learning believe in the power of the individual.  We know, from years of gathering evidence, that the best learning experiences are person-centred and tailored to the learner.  We understand and make use of the learner’s current knowledge, fill gaps in their learning and reveal the truth of their competence (or otherwise!) through evidence of their knowledge, understanding and practice. We call this Know, Understand, Do:-

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We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, i.e. just relying on a pass or fail, demotivates the individual and wastes time and money. In contrast, we are all about transformation and movement, with our brand constantly evolving.  The future is very different with us…

Our Vision

At Grey Matter Learning, we’re forging a new way of learning.  Through genuine transparency, an unshakeable belief, and a brand built around positivity and the individual, we’re re-instilling confidence in knowledge and understanding and building a community of people passionate about demonstrating that they Know, Understand and Do.

We want to see a world where people are supported to develop their learning into real, meaningful results.  We know that the “sheep-dip” approach halts creativity and innovation.  By making learning person-centred, time and energy is freed up to increase the capacity for people to deliver more and improve lives.

Learning & evidencing competence

We believe there is a better way to demonstrate knowledge and competence.  A certificate of attendance for a training activity does neither.  In many sectors, continuing professional development (CPD) and, more importantly, the evidence of CPD is a required aspect of the job role.  We believe that learning is for life, but once we’ve learned something and can evidence that the knowledge is retained and put into practice, then we don’t really need to repeat the training.  A continuous competence record which assesses knowledge, records evidence and feedback from others, plus real-life testimony, is a far better way of proving that people know what they are doing and that they are fit and safe to practice on an on-going basis.

Imagine a school leaver, let’s call him Daniel. Daniel is someone who struggled with the school system, found that he didn’t ‘achieve’ through formal learning and examinations.  Fast-forward ten years, Daniel has been working in a care home, having achieved the Care Certificate and he knows what he is doing.  Every day, he demonstrates his understanding of personal hygiene and infection control practically, so does he need that refresher training – taking him away from his work, which then requires backfill and disruption to the people he supports?  No, he doesn’t – there is another way!

The GML way

We support our customers to work differently every day.  We believe in ethical standards, a fair price for a fair service, supporting our partners and investing in them.  We believe in relationships.

We focus on internet technologies that enable all people to access our products whenever and wherever they are.  We make things easy and we’re always listening to our partners so that we innovate and meet the needs of the people who work with us.

We are passionate about management and personal development and supporting people to be the best they can be.

One of the things we are incredibly proud of is the fantastic feedback and testimonies we have received from the people we work with.  This, and knowing what a difference we are making to people’s lives, is what makes everything we do at Grey Matter Learning worthwhile.

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