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Celebrating women in leadership this International Women’s Day

Did you know that over 85% of the health and social care workforce are female? Not only that, but women also make up the majority of senior social care managers in the UK. This statistic is a testament to the pivotal role women play in leading and shaping such an important sector. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the contributions of women in health and social care and our ongoing efforts to support and empower future female leaders.

The critical role of women in social care

Social care is an industry built on the principles of empathy, support, and nurturing—qualities that countless women bring to their roles every day. Women’s leadership in this field is not just about managing teams or running operations; it’s about setting a standard for compassionate care that values every individual’s dignity and well-being.

Despite their overwhelming presence and invaluable contributions, women in leadership positions within social care and other sectors face unique challenges. From navigating gender biases to balancing professional and personal responsibilities, the path to leadership isn’t always easy. Yet, many women continue to lead and pave the way for future generations. Among these leaders, Oonagh Smyth, Melanie Weatherley MBE, and Kate Terroni stand out for their remarkable contributions to the health and social care sector.

  • Oonagh Smyth has been instrumental as the CEO of Skills for Care, focusing on developing a skilled and responsive workforce capable of meeting diverse community needs. Her leadership emphasises the critical role of strategic vision and inclusivity in enhancing the quality of care services.
  • Melanie Weatherley MBE exemplifies dedication to care through her role as CEO of Walnut Care and active participation in care associations. Awarded an MBE for her services to social care, Melanie’s work emphasises the importance of setting high standards and fostering a culture of excellence and empathy in care.
  • Kate Terroni, as the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission (CQC), plays a vital role in ensuring safe, effective, and compassionate care. Her leadership is central to upholding and advancing care quality standards and safeguarding the well-being of society’s most vulnerable members.

Celebrating leadership and promoting diversity

However, despite there being many successful female leaders in care, for many women starting in a career in care, there is no clear path to the top. Recognising the need for leadership training tailored to women, we are excited to announce the relaunch of our leadership bundle. Our updated Leadership and Management online course package is designed with the modern leader in mind. Available as a standalone subscription, this package features 20 leadership courses tailored to the needs of the care sector, including a new course focused on women in leadership.

This course is not just about equipping future female leaders with the relevant knowledge and skills; they’re about empowering women in managerial positions and promoting diversity in leadership. By addressing the unique challenges women face in leadership roles, we aim to inspire, equip, and support women to embrace their strengths and lead confidently.

In line with our mission to champion female leadership in the health and social care sector, GML significantly emphasises promoting and supporting women in leadership roles. Leading by example, Rachel Houlden, our Managing Director, exemplifies this commitment with her visionary leadership, guiding GML towards new heights in the health and social care sector. In addition, Elizabeth Denton, our Head of Content, plays a significant role in shaping the educational materials and programmes that empower and inspire our learners.

Join us in empowering women in leadership

The journey towards inclusive and diverse leadership is ongoing, and every step forward is a step towards a better future. Explore our Leadership and Management course package and join a community committed to empowering the current and next generation of women leaders.

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