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Hans F. Hansen

Workforce Capacity Fund

As has been widely publicised over the past year, the Government has been providing extra funding via local authorities for the adult social care sector during the COVID-19 crisis.  Some of this funding has been used by a number of local authorities to provide extra care training, both for redeployed staff at care providers and indeed for those entirely new to the sector.

The main focus of the Workforce Capacity Fund is to ensure safe and continuous care, part of which includes:

Local recruitment initiatives

Covering new training costs for new recruits or to increase productivity of existing staff

During the second lockdown, we wrote and published a series of blogs about this very issue – the recruitment and fast-tracking of care staff, both experienced and new.  Contained within these were a number of free tools that care managers could use to ease the burden of recruitment, which can be quite stressful for both the employer and candidate!  Our Fast Track Induction video and Care Challenge Quiz have been used far and wide since launch early last year.

Check out the blog series here:

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Interview Essentials

Recruitment Essentials

Training Essentials

Staff Retention

Find out if your local authority fundsClick – our competence recording system – today…

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