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We are going to share ideas and articles here gathered from over a thousand managers and leaders completing "Lead to Succeed" with us, with contributions from our own team of experts, former inspectors and business leaders.

Workbooks need recycling

Bin the workbooks…

Thanks for the comments and shares on our recent four part series on recruitment and retention – and a warm welcome to all our new subscribers! In doing the work for that series of posts, it reminded me of something I wrote back in 2016 – Time to move past paper and, just a day…

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Staff retention

Thanks, as always, for the feedback on this four part series; today’s post is the last step in the process – Staff Retention. Everyone knows that it is much more cost-efficient to keep staff than it is to keep recruiting new ones.  Now clearly we have to recruit some new staff, as people leave for…

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Training Essentials

The third element of staffing is, of course, Training. Before we get stuck into this week’s post, let’s be clear why we carry out training at all, in any subject – it is so that the candidate LEARNS and is safe to practice.   We talked about this in a recent post called “Training vs…

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Infection Prevention Fund

Thanks for the feedback on our recent series – the four stages of recruitment.  We will come back to step three next week, as the Government has just announced additional funding for Infection Prevention and Control in order to reduce Coronavirus infections across the winter. More info can be found here and your Local Authority…

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Induction Essentials

The second element of our staffing process is Induction, a really important stage, particularly in adult social care.  If you have not seen last weeks post “Interview Essentials”, making the interview part of induction, has many benefits – “Interview Essentials” can be found here. So, you’ve now completed all the interviews, made your hiring decisions…

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Interview Essentials

Thanks for all of your kind feedback on last week’s blog (“Recruitment Essentials”).  Whilst I had promised last week to plough on with Induction today, the previous post prompted so much discussion and suggestions, we thought it would be worth sharing in a shorter blog with hints and tips… Prepare your physical space – whether…

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Recruitment Essentials

Last week’s blog focused on the new Immigration Act which will become law on 1st January 2021 and its potential impact on the adult social care market.  As I hinted last week, my intention is always to provide continued support to the sector, rather than stirring up any kind of panic in people!  Whilst we…

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Home Economics

Thanks once again for all of your lovely comments on last week’s blog on the latest Skills for Care report.  At the very end, I touched on a very interesting statistic – that some 250,000 care workers are non-British.  Nothing unusual in that, I hear you say.  Absolutely not, given that we live in a…

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Skills for Care Size and Structure Report

Thanks for the feedback last week about the Training Matrix; lots of thought and feedback went into its development and I just wanted to thank those customers who shared their ideas.    We have just released a survey to help inform and prioritise our Autumn development schedule.  So if you want a new topic to be…

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Training Matrix

Thanks to everyone who shared the recent supervision and CQC post; it is such an important piece of the Social Care jigsaw.  If you have not yet seen our free skills assessments, then check them out here. This week I wanted to return to the training vs learning conversation because that is a similarly important…

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