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We are going to share ideas and articles here gathered from over a thousand managers and leaders completing "Lead to Succeed" with us, with contributions from our own team of experts, former inspectors and business leaders.


Workforce Capacity Fund

As has been widely publicised over the past year, the Government has been providing extra funding via local authorities for the adult social care sector during the COVID-19 crisis.  Some of this funding has been used by a number of local authorities to provide extra care training, both for redeployed staff at care providers and…

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Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Training with Certificate

What we have learned about COVID-19 over the last 12 months

Much has been written over the past year about the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our adult social care sector in the UK.  What many have also asked is how we might all learn from the errors that were made and move forward with the new knowledge that we have gained, in particular our new…

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right to work Training

Carry out Right to Work Checks….and Avoid A Fine!

Following on from our post at the end of last month about the impact of Brexit on hiring EU Staff, we’ve just launched a brand new Right to Work Checks eLearning course. Produced in conjunction with Royds Withy King, legal specialists in this field, it’s essential for anyone who recruits people into their business, whatever…

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Social care funding

A new future, not new normal

Suddenly 2021 is already a month old and we find ourselves in February!  As I said recently, hopefully Spring will soon be upon us and COVID-19 will be a thing of the past when we get there. But what happens when we do get there? Some of the lessons learnt from the past 11 months…

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EU staff and Brexit

Now that January is in full swing and hopefully we are all looking forward to Spring and some level of normality, there is another challenge that is particular to 2021; it is in addition to all the COVID challenges and it is called Brexit.  Now, whichever way you voted, we aren’t going to get political…

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You are the future…

It might not seem like it at the moment with the snow, the pandemic and the general post-Christmas January blues, but you are the future of social care. Social care will never be the same after 2020.  I am sure that you, as well as me, have noticed lots of social care technology companies championing…

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care badge

We are here!

2021!  If you are reading this, well done, you survived the most challenging year in the world ever ever ever…  If, like so many of us, you have lost a loved one or family member, our thoughts are with you and, hopefully, 2021 will be the year when we put COVID firmly in the rear…

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2020 A look back and forwards to 2021

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback throughout 2020.  It has been a challenging year, an interesting year and also one of learning… What did we learn? We learnt that things we thought were not possible actually were; it just needed a bit of creativity, some effort and an external driver.  Unfortunately, the driver happens…

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Care Certificate | For easy, smooth CQC Inspection | Social Care Courses

Safeguarding for Managers and Safeguarding Leads

Thanks for the feedback about last week’s post during Safeguarding Adults Week. As we were preparing for the previous blog post, it sparked an idea and so we wanted to use this week’s post to start a conversation.  At the end of last week’s post, we shared that we are working on a new course:…

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Social Care Safeguarding Adults Course | Care Certificate Online Courses

Safeguarding Adults

Hi everyone and thanks as always for the feedback on last week’s post during Self Care Week.  As last week was Safeguarding Adults Week, it seems natural to talk about safeguarding. First things first, safeguarding is vitally important and everyone should feel safe, no matter what their environment, so if someone says something or you…

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