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We are going to share ideas and articles here gathered from over a thousand managers and leaders completing "Lead to Succeed" with us, with contributions from our own team of experts, former inspectors and business leaders.

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Care Certificate Assessors

Happy Sixth Birthday, Care Certificate! So here we are, April 2021, six years on and the Care Certificate is still going strong…  and yet it would seem that assessing the Care Certificate still has some of the same challenges.  We have blogged about some of these recently: I am not planning to go…

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live-in care

40 million family carers

It is no secret that, as we age, we need a little extra help here and there.  But when you suffer from Dementia, the level of care needed can quickly increase, especially in the later stages of a diagnosis. Dementia is ever prevalent in the UK as close to one million people suffer from it,…

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April 1st

This year, to celebrate starting our 15th year of supporting the adult social care sector,  we thought we would give away some of our courses for free. Oh, hang on, it is April 1st! Actually, this is no April Fools because we already give away some of our courses free of charge to the whole…

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Care Management Software partner

Log My Care

What is Log my Care? Log my Care is an award-winning care management software company and Grey Matter Learning’s newest partner. Their simple and intuitive software is used by hundreds of Carers and Care Managers across the U.K. every day. The best part? The core software is totally free. Yes, you read that right! Log…

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Care Certificate Assessing

Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback following last week’s post.  As promised, this week I am going to cover: Care Certificate Self Assessment Care Certificate Assessors Care Certificate Assessment Don’t forget – we are Care Certificate champions and a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence, but there are some challenges that do need addressing,…

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care certificate

Care Certificate

The Care Certificate will be six years old next month; I remember the launch like it was yesterday.  How things have moved on since April 2015! The Care Certificate has its critics and its champions; I like to think that we fall into the champion category.  I know that in recent articles following COVID and…

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No jab, No job?

As you may have read last week, some 80% of healthcare workers and 66% of social care staff have so far chosen to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  Because of this lower take-up, the UK government is now considering making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory across these workplaces. This issue of mandatory vs voluntary vaccinations is a bit…

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Workforce Capacity Fund

As has been widely publicised over the past year, the Government has been providing extra funding via local authorities for the adult social care sector during the COVID-19 crisis.  Some of this funding has been used by a number of local authorities to provide extra care training, both for redeployed staff at care providers and…

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Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Training with Certificate

What we have learned about COVID-19 over the last 12 months

Much has been written over the past year about the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our adult social care sector in the UK.  What many have also asked is how we might all learn from the errors that were made and move forward with the new knowledge that we have gained, in particular our new…

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right to work Training

Carry out Right to Work Checks….and Avoid A Fine!

Following on from our post at the end of last month about the impact of Brexit on hiring EU Staff, we’ve just launched a brand new Right to Work Checks eLearning course. Produced in conjunction with Royds Withy King, legal specialists in this field, it’s essential for anyone who recruits people into their business, whatever…

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