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Hans F. Hansen

Interview Essentials

Thanks for all of your kind feedback on last week’s blog (“Recruitment Essentials”).  Whilst I had promised last week to plough on with Induction today, the previous post prompted so much discussion and suggestions, we thought it would be worth sharing in a shorter blog with hints and tips…

Prepare your physical space – whether you’re conducting a face-to-face, video or phone interview, it’s essential that you prepare for the interview ahead, particularly if it’s video.  There’s nothing worse than having a pile of washing inadvertently in the background during a video call.  It doesn’t quite strike the right professional tone, in my experience!

Get the right questions ready – developing a set of standard questions will allow you to offer a consistent and fair approach if you are interviewing a number of candidates for the same role.  So, don’t just print off the candidate’s CV as your sole preparation for the interview; the more you prepare, the better the outcome for you and your organisation.

Use a pre-interview assessment – as well as our Care Challenge Quiz, you could also take advantage of our Care Certificate Interview Assessment before any interviews take place.  This will discover how much a candidate already knows about the Care Certificate (and possibly more), the results of which could uncover something that traditional interview questions may not and give you the opportunity to really “dig deeper” and support informed decision making.

Sell yourself as a good employer – As I said last week, if you are already a subscriber to Click, our online learning, assessment and competence recording system, then you would be able to promise at interview that, if hired, the applicant would not need to repeat the Care Certificate again.  Clearly, this is an obvious ‘plus’ for any care worker who is often expected to repeat the 12 week course, whatever their level of experience, at each new employer.

Whilst next week the focus will be on Induction, it is worth bearing in mind that a great interview can contribute and even shape induction, particularly with experienced candidates.  Induction and the Care Certificate have always been close to our hearts and we will share more useful tools to assist with this vital part of the staffing process.

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